Adventurer Pass

Expend the horizons of your adventures !

Nyvelaim offers a free-to-play experience that immerses you in an open world full of adventures. You can explore beautiful landscapes, battle fantastic creatures with your friends, explore dungeons guarded by powerful creatures, develop your crafting skills and much more. The Free-To-Play experience won’t look like a “light” version of the game.

It is a full-fledged experience and if you like it, you can decide to get more involved with the Adventurer’s Pass. It is available for $15 and allows you to access new classes, learn new professions and increase your chances of getting rare NFTs.

Incomes will be used to support the development of the Metaverse and Nyvelaim and the community growth.

Receive an exclusive NFT every month

Gain 15% more experience

Get an increased chance for NFT loots

NFT Exclusif*

Get an exclusive NFT to collect every month !

– Consumables
– Mounts
– Pets
– Cosmetic equipment
– Special quests
– …..​

Mystery reward

Reduced taxes at the Auction House

Unlock Hunter Class

Unlock Half-Orc race

Improved inventory size

Access all crafting professions

Create your own shop

Receive unique NFTs, support the development of Nyvelaim and unlock a huge range of exclusive benefits with the Adventurer Pass!

*The NFTs obtained with the Adventurer Pass are in limited editions. They will never be edited and distributed a second time. They cannot be obtained in any other way. Only one NFT will be minted per subscription. The distribution will start each month from October 2022 at the latest.