Beyond the game !

In Nyvelaim, NFTs are not just collectible items. These are weapons, mounts, pets, and many useful in-game items.

How does it work ?

Most items will be NFTs. Low-quality items won’t be permutable as NFT. To create a NFT from an item collected in-game, you will need to use the services of an Alchemist.


Characters who have reached level 40 and above can be converted into NFTs. It will still be possible to play with them and their progress will be automatically updated and synchronised with the NFT.


To be traded, characters will have to be “sealed”, and it will no longer be possible to use them in this state.

Items NFT blockchains

  • Armour parts

  • Weapons

  • Mounts

  • Pets

  • Fighting pets

  • Cosmetic equipment

  • Boss summoning Rune (single use / timer)

  • World Boss summoning Rune (single use / timer)

  • Character

Where to get them ?

  • After defeating certain creatures in-game
  • After defeating creatures or dungeon bosses
  • During a raid to fight a World Boss
  • Given as rewards for winning a player vs. player (PvP) battle
  • Given as rewards to the best arena teams each season
  • Earned at special in-game events
  • Crafted through certain jobs
  • Exclusive NFT to the Adventurer Pass obtainable each month
  • Complete the “Elementary Edition” collection
  • ….
Nyvelaim Sword
Nyvelaim Stuff Sword
Nyvelaim Sword

Receive unique NFTs, support the development of Nyvelaim and unlock a huge range of exclusive benefits !