Closed beta access

Adventurer Pass 2 years included

Improved inventory size +12 slots

Lord Outfit

Unique Lord Mount

Special Lord emote

“Lord” title in Nyvelaim

1 NFT “Elementary Edition” – random model

NFT – “Nyvelaim Lord Founder Edition”

3 character creation tokens

Privileged access to the land presale

“Founder” title in the Metaverse

NFT "Elementary Edition"

“Nyvelaim Elementary Edition” is a collection of 12 unique NFT designs. Each has a different rarity level: common, uncommon, rare, epic. Collect the full suite and exchange it for an NFT: Elemental Crystal.

This Crystal summons a chaos elemental, it will follow you during your adventures in Nyvelaim. It is a fighting creature that will gain experience and help you in the game. Only one creature of this type can be active at a time.

Status: NFT Blockchain
Type: Fighting Creature
Rarity: Epic

Privileged access to the land presale

Nyvelaim will offer several areas where players can claim land and build their own cities.

Owners of “Nyvelaim Emperor Founder Edition” NFT will automatically be included in the whitelist.

Character Creation Token

Receive 3 character creation tokens. They allow you to turn your character into NFT.

They can be obtained directly in Nyvelaim after defeating certain rare creatures, or exchanged for in-game currency from a merchant.