Closed beta access

Adventurer Pass 1 month included

Improved inventory size +3 slots

Initiate Outfit

“Initiate” title in Nyvelaim

1 NFT “Elementary Edition” – random model

NFT – “Nyvelaim Initiate Founder Edition”

1 character creation token

NFT "Elementary Edition"

“Nyvelaim Elementary Edition” is a collection of 12 unique NFT designs. Each has a different rarity level: common, uncommon, rare, epic. Collect the full suite and exchange it for an NFT: Elemental Crystal.

This Crystal summons a chaos elemental, it will follow you during your adventures in Nyvelaim. It is a fighting creature that will gain experience and help you in the game. Only one creature of this type can be active at a time.

Status: NFT Blockchain
Type: Fighting Creature
Rarity: Epic

Character Creation Token

Receive 1 character creation token. It allows you to transform your character into NFT.

They can be obtained directly in Nyvelaim after defeating certain rare creatures, or exchanged for in-game currency from a merchant.